The Manipal Global way: Achieve. Enable. Transform. Over six decades ago, education in India was seen as the responsibility of the government, and the emphasis was on basic education. But our founding father, Dr Tonse Madhava Anantha (TMA) Pai, believed otherwise. He knew that newly-independent India could not become a powerful player on the world stage without the private sector playing a critical role, particularly in the fields of education and healthcare. He also believed that it was possible to deliver premium education and education-related services at affordable costs. This vision and foresight – combined with Dr Pai’s considerable personal zeal, dedication and energy – led to the transformation of a barren hilltop in Manipal, Karnataka, into a bustling international University town. Mrs Indira Gandhi, former Prime Minster of India, once described Manipal as "the work of men of imagination, enthusiasm and drive which is the greatest need of India today."


Empowering learners, Transforming lives
we will be a leading education services organization respected globally for academic and business excellence, providing affordable and flexible learning solutions powered by technology, innovation and passion.

The people whose lives we touch - learners, enterprises and communities - will reward us with market leadership, creating prosperity for all our stakeholders.


Integrity and Honesty
we conduct ourselves ethically and legally in all situations upholding stakeholder trust.

Committed to Teams, Accountable for Results and Passion to Win
we are passionate about winning and hold ourselves accountable to organizational goals. We believe in teamwork and foster a performance driven culture across the organization.

Achieving Social Impact
we fulfill our responsibility to society, continuously contributing to build a better world.

Respect and Fairness
We trust every individual and treat them with dignity, respect and fairness. We practice open and honest communication at all times.

Excellence through Quality, Innovation and Leadership
We are committed to delivering superior products and services through continuous innovation and leadership at all levels.


These values are the moral compass of all MaGEcians.

As custodians of these values, we take pride in living them in every action.

I'MaGE, I CARE, I LIVE our Values.





More than 25 Banks & Financial Institutions.
Partner with us for training programs that ensure first day productivity.  

More than 8 IT & ITES
Have benefited from our solutions.

Enterprise Learning Solutions
Manipal Global has trained over 35,000 corporate learners by offering sector specific learning solutions.

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